Search Application

This is the application to apply for this search cycle. So long as you fill it out, you should be searched, but SearchCo will use it to know how to best integrate you into the candidacy process and provide good and useful rp for you and others.

It's also to help you start thinking about what you, the player, and your character want out of the search/candidacy/rider experience.

1. What is your current e-mail address? This will not be used to stalk you or sign you up for mailing lists. It is so we can maintain contact should rpol go down as it ha in the past.

2. What colors do you want to impress and why? As mentioned else where, colors are limited to gold, bronze, brown, blue, and green and only girls can impress golds and only boys can impress bronzes. Feel free to list as many or as few of the available colors for your gender as you wish, but please list them from most wanted to least wanted if listing more than one. If you absolutely don't want a color, *don't list it*. You will have opportunities to change or re-order you list during candidacy, so don't beat yourself up over it now, but be clear. Especially if you're aiming for a metallic (bronze/gold) or for nothing at all (enter stand only for this question).

3. What is your character's sexual preference? You needen't go into extreme detail, homosexuals cannot impress metallics and are more likely to impress dragons of the opposite gender. If you don't feel comfortable or able (in the case of younger candidates) to answer this, then don't, but don't be surprised if you are approached by a member of searchCo to discuss it in broad terms depending on your color preferences.

4. What is your internet access like? Regular, sporadic, public only? When are you usually on and what timezone are you in? Do you have any extended (greater than 1 week) absences expected in the next year?

5. What positions have you help either here or on another pern game? This isn't just 'admin' positions, list anything that is/was important to *you*.

6. Give an example of a scene or event you particularly enjoyed participating in. This can be from this game or another. We're mostly looking for an example of what you enjoy and think you do well.

7. What would your character do if s/he didn't impress?

8. Why do you, the player, want this character to impress?

9. What motivations does the character have for wanting to be searched, if any?

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add to your application?

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