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Search is really very simple on the part of the player. Fill out an application and be available for rp. That's it. SearchCo, however, has to go over all of the applications and so it may take us several days to a week to get our initial affairs in order and contact people to set up search-scenes. Yes, whenever possible we'd like to actually rp picking you, even if there is only one location to pick from right now. If you submit an app early and are not searched by three weeks before the hatching, let us know. We probably just lost it in the shuffle.

Your SearchCo members for this search period are Tolira, V'din, Lawna, and L'ren.


Candidacy is harder. There'll be chores rotated every few RL day. They don't all need to be rped, but it would be good to see a few rped to know that your character is doing them. If your character is blatantly not doing them, please PM searchCo. You may or may not get in trouble for it in-character, but you may. IC actions can have IC consequences.

If you're considering a prank or any serious rule violation, contact searchCo first for approval as well as anyone affected by a prank. We'll let you know if something is too over the top. We don't want to have to de-knot a candidate IC for an OOC mistake that led to IC ations.

More changes are likely upcomming on this page, so keep your eyes and ears open.

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