this is only claimed/desced eggs. Please feel free to add any you do to this table. This page is intentionally orphaned, please don't link to it from somewhere else.

Source Egg Name Desc Descer Basis Char (if any) Mindvoice
Merlin's Descendants Power of the Moon Egg One side of this egg is pure matte black, so dark that if it weren't for the sands behind it a viewer might wonder if its' there at all. The other side is the exact opposite, pure white. Not a speck of dust or sand settles on the shell. It's so clean, it's almost impossible to believe in was ever inside a dragon at all. Sees Wren if a girl dragon, Arthur if a boy Fairy Bells
Gargoyles (Avalon Episodes) Wings of Protection Egg Two broad blue-gray wings enfold this egg, thumb-claws grasped together at its peak, fingerspars depending down the sides and around the egg like a wall. The shades of blue and gray melt one into the next, only the fingerspars and spared. One flare of red is there, though, peeking out from beneath the thumbclaws. Not blood, no, almost like fabric waving in the still wind. Sees Goliath Rustling Wind
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