Grantor started his career at Sunset Beach Weyr with one bronze flirelizard (Ronal) and a thirst for music. The day of his arrival at the under-staffed and oft-maligned Weyr was the day of the Senior Queen's rising during an attack by riders and folk of Sunrise Ridge Weyr. Sunrise Ridge's Weyrleader, V'rin, won Romanath's flight as well, leaving him in the precarious position of leading two Weyrs.

G'tor went on to impress brown Nyth from Uhlinath's first clutch and Nyth eventually went on to catch his mother and sire a small clutch of his own.

The semi-hostile change in weyrleadership left the former weyrleader, D'lan, in quite the drunken funk of rage. During G'tor's Weyrlinghood he was awakened once by the panicked cries of his bronze, Ronal, when D'lan and V'rin got into a good, solid fight. This ended with G'tor with a broken arm and a very worried young dragon.

He made a full recovery, impressed a lovely gold flit he named Serenity, and went on to join a wing as a full rider in his own right. After winning Uhlinath's second mating flight G'tor was promoted to Weyrsecond and given leadership of a wing.

It wasn't long after that that Talime arrived. The slender, quiet greenrider was an immediate interest for him and he soon found their connection to be mutual. It was only a matter of months before they found themselves sharing a weyr and awaiting Warith's next flight.

Then G'tor got sick. Really sick. And though he did eventually heal, it was a long and hard experience for both of them. Luckily, his recovery was accompanied by Serenity's second mating flight an a joyful reunion for both when Talime's bronze Kiba made the catch.

Then the worst happened. The bronzerider who originally searched Talime transferred to Sunset Beach, bringing the truth of her search with him. He had basically kidnapped her and felt that taunting the former guard would be a great idea.

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