Shoni didn't get much screen time :( but she's being resurrected at PernWorld as character name Shorynia (will shorten when/if she impresses). But I thought I'd throw up her original character submission as a record/reminder.

Name: Shoni

Rank: Transfer Rider => Jr Weyrwoman

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Dragon: Gold Lominth

Appearance: Shoni is around 4'9" with long black hair that falls down nearly to her butt. Her dark brown eyes add to the impression of her as a dark or somber person, though that is most certainly not the case. She often wears bright colors, such as yellows and reds, just to make herself more noticable.

Personality: Shoni is young, in many ways too young. She is happy-go-lucky and chafes under pressure of authority figures. When she's not busy resisting instruction, she is a happy girl with a bright sense of humor, but little maturity. At only 19 (impressed at 17) though she is an adult, for some reason it seems as if she never really grew up. It's not that she can't do what needs to be done, it's just that she has to do it her own way.

Her dragon, Lominth, however is the exact opposite. She is calm and logical, nicely balancing her bonded's impulsiveness.

History: Shoni had a normal holder-girl's life up until she was Searched. She wove, helped the Hold Healer gather herbs, and occassionally helped people with the field or stable work. This easy life left her carefree and used to being in control. At 17 she was promised to a holder lad from a nearby hold, a good match for political reasons, but she didn't like him. She considered it her lucky day when the Search rider said he wanted her and left without a backward glance, leaving her parents to arrange the breaking of the betrothal.

Once at Fort Weyr, she quickly latched on to the brightest, handsomest bronze rider, though she did spread her favors around a bit. After she impressed Lominth, much to the surprise and disdain of the Weyrling Master, who thought her much too young at heart for the responsibility, she was shocked to learn that she could no longer liason with the bronze riders until she was done with her training. She broke this rule more than a few times before she was caught. Though she couldn't be severly beaten for her misbehavior, the Weyrling Master put her on water rations and confined her to the Barracks except for lessons.

Though she did eventually make it through her lessons and graduate to full rider status, she never really settled into the rigid authority rankings of Fort Weyr, so now, two Turns after her initial impression, the Weyrleader there is trying to transfer her to any Weyr that will take her, promising that she has great growth potential and a strong bond with her dragon and is due to rise for the first time within 4 months.

Other: I do see this character with one with great potential for growth as well as something other than the stereo-typical queen-rider.

Pets: None, though hoping to acquire a flit at some point, she's simply never settled down enough to do so yet.

1. Why do you think you deserve this position?

I don't really deserve this position, but I'd like to throw my two cents in and create some competition. I've been role playing a while, but mostly I just wanted to see what would happen.

2. Either here at SBW or at other Weyrs, what have been some positions you've held?

Well, here I've been junior weyrleader briefly and am still a wingleader. On the other Weyr I'm on I hold the sr. Weyrwoman position, but that doesn't really count since I run it.

3. For how long did you hold each position?

I forget how long I was jr. Weyrleader… 6 months maybe? However long it was between the two flights… I've been Wingleader for a year and a half-ish and I've been sr. Weyrwoman at my Ista for a year and a half-ish.

4. How often are you able to make in character posts and involve yourself in RPs?

I am usually on at least once a day, though that gets more sporatic on weekends. I'm on more often when something's happening, though.

5. How long have you been role playing Dragonrider of Pern?

I've been rping DRoP for a little over two years, since I first joined this Weyr.

6. Please include a short sample of your role playing. It can be an Impression, a Flight, or anything else as long as it involves at least the Goldrider you are applying with (you are welcomed to include other characters as well).

The wind swept Shoni's long black hair back behind her face as Lominth dove through the wind. The only reason that she could keep her eyes open was the protective goggles she had over them. Faster! she thought to her partner as she dove.

Lominth's voice was calm in response, The Weyrling master wants us to land, his Ornath says so.

Scorch 'em! This is the most fun I've had since we bonded.

It is our first flight. Ornath says we shouldn't tire ourselves out…

Shoni's response was cut short by a loud bugle as suddenly the Weyrling Master's great blue beast was directly in front of them, his eyes whirling quickly red-orange. He projected his order for both of them to hear, DOWN! NOW!

Lominth dove for the ground, giving Shoni one last thrill at the steep angle, and landed somewhat hard, but without damaging either of them. Though Lominth was obviously contrite, Shoni was wearing a huge grin as she slid of her great gold partner's back and landed right at the feet of the Weyrling master. "Shoni! How can you expect to ever be a true queen rider if you don't learn to obey orders and calm down? You could have overtired your dragon and caused both of you injury!"

"But M'bar-"

"Don't you 'but M'bar' me, missy. You can't hope to learn to be a proper dragonrider if you don't learn to listen to instruction."

"Yes, M'bar, bu-"

"I told 'em, I did, that you were to young to stand. Not yet mature enough to ride a gold. But did they listen to me? Nooo."

"She chose me, M'bar."

"That she did. No more flying for you for today. Bathe and oil your dragon and contemplate why I'm not going to let you into the air tomorrow either. If you can give me a good answer, I may change my mind."

Shoni's face fell, "Bu-"

M'bar stamped his foot and pointed silently to the Weyr's lake.

Shoni lowered her head and turned with Lominth to head toward the lake, grabbing an oil pot as she went. She kicked the dirt sullenly, Stupid M'bar won't let me have any fun.

Perhaps if you listened to him, he'd give you more freedom.

I don't care, anyway, there're other Weyrs than Fort, one of them will take me in once I finish my training…

7. Is there anything else you feel we should know about that qualifies you for the position of our Junior Weyrwoman?

I've been with this Weyr for a while and know the ropes. I'm also used to the duties of a Weyrwoman from running my own Weyr and have read all but a couple of the most recent books, and all of the ones I've read have been read more than once. I have access to and have read even the DragonLover's Guide and the Atlas of Pern.

I was raised rping, so I have a good grasp of keeping IC and OOC separate and not allowing conflicts from one to slip into the other.

8. If there were more plots for greenriders or other often ignored characters would you, as a Weyrwoman, try and promote those plots and involve inactive members as much as possible?

I believe that every player and character is important and would gladly help support green- and blue-rider based plots as well as any focused around non-impressed characters.

9. Do you have ideas for any of those plots?

Well, we already had a green laying plot. We could, however, do a plot where, for whatever reason, one or all of the gold-riders get sick simultaneously, leaving the most senior green rider to fill in the duties of Weyrwoman until they recover.

A particularly spunky green rider (and mate) could decide to split off and start another Weyr in which the green rider is the Weyrwoman.

Other options for less-loved character types include things like a blue catching a queen (*ghasp*) or a green rising at the same time as a queen (drama ensues). With a bit more time I could come up with more, but I have homework to get done.

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