Summary from Consolidation through July 2009

The IC reason for consolidation of the weyrs is that there were continued population problems and lack of support from holds and crafts I believe, so Fort and HR were shut down temporarily and all moved back to Ista. Those players who are no longer active are said to have moved back to Benden.

In a surprising twist, Murth won Ronalth's latest mating flight, making 18 t/o V'din the Weyrleader. B'tran and A'nit quarreled over Marsali (egged on by their dragons and their dislike of each other) at the promotion celebration and she just got tired of it and stormed out of the recent feast, aided in her grand exit by Bainth being proddy.

L'ren was promoted to Candidate Master, with Or'tan being the Assistant. Cr'lan is the Weyrlingmaster, with Melody being the Assistant, and Horlintal just made Masterhealer rank. Only the youngest weyrlings at Fort and the single brown from Ioreth's clutch are still in training, everyone else has graduated except if planned/ noted otherwise.

Ronalth just laid her clutch. Bainth just rose in a mating flight with Zarth the winner and three injured dragons due to fighting. Elle is or was trying to put the moves on Or'tan after the flight. A'den is eyeing up Melody as he is still under residual effects of flight lust. B'jour is coveting D'lan like a sweet and now B'tran is bearding the lions (weyrleaders) in their den.

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