Weyrling Lesson 1 log - Bathing, feeding, oiling

"I know that feeling." F'tum said with a chuckle. He looked around, finally seeing that the majority of Weyrlings were up. "While you all are feeding, I'll go over your first lesson. Today it's fairly simple. Bathing, feeding, and oiling. Bathing is pretty self-explainitory. It cleans off the dead and peeling hide, and as I'm sure you're aware, it makes your dragons very happy." F'tum smirked a little bit, glancing at each of the dragonets in his care. "Oiling keeps your dragon's hide supple and smooth. Good oiling also keeps your dragon's skin from cracking. If your dragon has a cracked hide and goes between, you will lose your dragon, and by extention…your own life." F'tum paused for dramatic effect, letting his words sink in. They'd not forget to oil their dragonets…. "And finally, your dragons will require you to provide them meat until they begin to fly. You will have help butchering, because as I said before, this is the last freebie meat you all will get." F'tum chuckled. "Any questions?"

Lawna raises her hand "do we just grab any beast out ot the herd? and where do you want them slaughtered?" Ioreth nudges her in the small on the back and kreels, Lawna grins "I have this strange feeling I may need to know soon" Ioreth gives her a harder nudge and repeats her demand for food. Lawna heaps a bowl with food and starts shoveling it into Ioreth's waiting maw.

At F'tum's words T'len stops to listen, he had just begun filling a bowl with food

Vorth plantively open his jaws and demands food. Seeing that T'len is currently distracted Vorth impatiently knocks the bowl out of T'len hands and begins picking the few scaps of meat off the ground.

"DONT EAT THAT!" T'len shoves the greedy Vorth out of the way and scoops the now dusty meat into a bowl and sets it aside and begins filling a new bowl while keeping an eye on Vorth.

Ca'dis rolls sleepily out of bed to the pathetic hungrey murps of Durpth. Everyone else is eating, I am very very hungrey I want to eat to

Ca'dis reaches out to stroke the blues soft hide and yawns you should have woken me up sooner if you were hungry, Let me put clothes on then we'll join the others and eat

Durpth rocks for foot to foot as he waits for Ca'dis to dress and eagerly follows him out when he is ready.

Ca'dis gets out just as F'tum is begining the lesson. He rushes to full a bowl with meat repeating the key points of F'tums lesson quietly to himself " Bath…wash…oil ". Ca'dis checks over Durpth hide as he feeds him noting every patch of dry skin with horror.

Lawna looks around while waiting for F'tum to get to her question " I'm glad Im not the who got a wake up call, the way Ioreth was creeling I though she'd wake the whole wyer. How'd you all sleep?…and is it just me or do they already look bigger? " she gives the gold a searching look.

Ioreth cranes he neck back to look up at Lawna and stares at the food in her hand pointedly Give

Lawna drops the food into Ioreths mouth " you certienly eat enough"

Sarana was startled for a moment, she hadn't considered that oiling the dragon's hide was something that she would be doing all the time. She had gotten the idea that oiling was for young dragons, to keep their skin supple and elastic enough for quick growth.

But F'tum's words gave her a vision of herself oiling a very large Bobth. She didn't mind the task - but she did wonder how the riders of adult dragons had time to do much of anything else.

F'tum looked at Lawna and Ioreth. "Yes, go ahead and take the beasts in the pen, and slaughter them in the chute." He gestured vaguely towards the pens. "We should be getting more soon, if I remember our tithing schedule correctly."

"I, um…" Aelisa started to say, then stopped, trying to think of how to phrase what she wanted to ask. Why is it so hard for you to ask how to kill a beast? Vinceth asked curiously. If you don't ask quickly, then I will have to ask for you. That got Aelisa's attention. "Um, will we be shown how to properly kill the beasts?" she asked quickly, afraid of what her dragon would say if given the chance to ask the question herself. "I never learned… my brothers always took care of that when they culled the herds back home."

T'len finally gets a bowl filled and begins feeding Vorth. The brown wolfs down the food as fast as T'len gets it to his mouth and chirps demandingly everytime the food slows " wha'd we do wi' the left over carcass? I don' think Vorth c'n eat a whole beast" he pauses as Vorth finishes the last scrap from the second bowl and creels for more "Yet"

Ca'dis gets a bowl and a half of food into Durpth before he is full. Ca'dis immediately grabs a pot of oil and begins slathering it liberally on the blue, Durpth rumble happily as all his itchy spots are soothed. Ca'dis launches into a stream of worried questions" can we oil them to much? How fast do they crack? Should I get up to oil him in the middle of the night?" Ca'dis slathers extra oil over all dry spots he noticed while feeding. Oil drips off the blues hide.

"Alright, alright. One at a time." He looked first at Aelisa. "Yes, I can show you after this how, and anyone else who would like to come is welcome." He turned next to T'len. "Whatever is left goes into the slag pile over there," F'tum gestured towards it. "and as it decomposes it helps make the compose rich…which we sell to the farmers at Igen. As your beast grows, he'll be able to eat the entire thing, bones and all." Finally F'tum addressed Ca'dis. "No, you don't have to get up in the middle of the night." He said with a little chuckle. "Your dragon will tell you when his skin is dry, and you'll evenutally learn when he needs it. When he reaches his full growth, you'll only need to do it about once a week, or whenever he says he needs it."

Lawna give Ioreth an icredulous look " More?" youve eaten two huge bowls full" she gives an imploring look to F'tum " could you do that demonstation now… or I could do it, I think Ioreth is intent on making sure any late riser go hungrey".

The queen cockes her head side ways listening yes, I would like fresh meat her eyes begin to whirl in exitement.

Lawna smiles at her little gold "I think she likes that idea"

T'len points at the queen as she flys across the Bowl " 'ow long before they get big like 'er? "

Vorth also tracks the queen's flight, sencing her attantion he puffs up and arches his neck trying to look impressive.

T'len absently reaches out a hand to stroke the brown dont worry we'll prove our selves soon enough.

"I suppose I could do it now, if everyone who is interested is done." F'tum watched the Queen fly across. "Well, it will take about a turn and a half. But you'll be in your own weyrs sooner than that, in about a turn."

Kaneth butted Kella once, twice, then three times, when her rider finally awoke. Mine, they're already up and feeding! We're very very late! The young woman sat straight up and gasped at the now-empty Weyrling chambers. "Shards and shells!" She let out an oath before leaping out of bed. Speed-dressing in a light but sturdy dress Kella and Kaneth came out of the Barracks. F'tum shot them a 'look' but said nothing. Kaneth's mental voice echoed in Kella's head again. No matter, he's just jealous we got to sleep in. Feed me now! Kella smiled at her green, scratching her head before grabbing a bowl and some oil. Greedily Kaneth dug her nose in the food. Mine, my skin itches…and it isn't as shiny as Ioreth's…. Kella chuckled again. "I know." She began slathering the oil on her dragon. Already it seemed that she was using more…was Kaneth already growing?

J'ret smirked at the errant girl before getting up and getting an oil jar. The arrival of the Weyrleaders had prodded him into showing that he was one of the better, more responsible riders. J'ret began oiling his blue who had finished eating. Ordrinth rumbled, the equivilent of a dragon's purr. Thank you, my J'ret.

Lawna nudges Kella and gives her a quick up date of what she missed "and now were going to see how they slaughter the beasts here " she looks at the diminishing pile of food "after this we kill our own "

Angela feeds Lisith her second bowl while listening to the discussion going on around her.I'm still hungry! Still? You've already eaten more than yesterday! Angela places another quarter bowl down for Lisith to eat and oils her carefully. I'll wash you and oil you again after the demonstration. She finishes oiling Lisith, picks up the bowl and looks at F'tum. "I suppose I should watch the demonstration." She has a look of nervous worry on her face and swallows hard after speaking.

Centralth spat a hunk of meat at M'nol, I'm full, do you want me to split my hide? My back's itchy!

M'nol sheepishly returned the leftover meat to the rapidly emptying bowl, wiping the bloody streaks off is face as he went, and grabbed an oil jar. He rubbed the oil gently into Centralth's hide as he hummed in pleasure.

Sarana didn't wait for Bobth to scold her, as soon as the young green slowed down in her eating, Sarana stopped pushing food at her and went for more of the oil. It seemed that the young dragons needed this almost as much as they did food in the morning.

She wasn't looking forward to the upcoming demonstration on killing or butchering to feed Bobth. Sarana wasn't squimish, but she'd never enjoyed cleaning an animal for her own meal, let alone for the type of meal the dragons enjoyed.

Kella nodded at Lawna. She wasn't used to butchering animals…in her experience they came to her in a form that was preparable. Or they were live, and being separated from the Hold's flocks as they came in. Kaneth looked at her with jewelled eyes, begging to be scratched. Kella obliged her dragon. "Ah, I'm going to that then." She finally said.

"If those who are interested are mostly ready, then, we'll head towards the feeding grounds." F'tum started across the bowl towards where the gold and bronze were feeding. I hope they're almost done, Caroth said privately to his rider. I'm hungry. F'tum chuckled as he walked.

Having finished oiling Bobth, Sarana placed a hand on the dragonet's neck, come along dearling, you can't be hungry for more now, but if I'm going to learn this - you should probably watch. She wasn't completely sure that Bobth would allow her out of her sight while awake anyway, so this was probably going to be done in the company of the little dragon for at least the next few days. Might as well see how she reacted before Sarana was the one doing the butchering.

T'geth follows F'tum, the now sated bronze following him happily.

As Mithnath eats, P'val is getting all the easy spots on top with oil. When youre finished i will get the rest for youP'val assures him as he continues to snarf down food. He is just finishing up Mithnaths belly when all are ready to go. What do you say? Could be interesting Sounds fine to me Is the enthusiastic reply he gets. He heads to group with the others.

T'len trails behind the others to the feeding ground.

Vorth walks slightly behind him and bumps him gently to keep him moving I will be hungry again and you must feed me

Ioreth moves quickly to the feeding grounds Lawna walks quickly to keep up with the queen "You know there's still meat left here"

Ioreth pretends to ignore her and hurrys on ahead

As she passes Angela she notices her nervousness and pauses, "Com'on its not that bad, and you'll be glad of it later when your green is creeling her head off for food. Besides you can help me for a bit, then both our beauties will get food and you can get some practice before you have to do it on your own. I'm sure Ioreth wont be able to eat the whole thing for a bit." She looks at the gold I better catch up with her before she tries to take one down herself with a smile she races to catch up with Ioreth.

Ca'dis starts toward the feeding ground, he walks slowly as he already knows how the slaughter the beasts even if he's never done it before. He strokes Durpth head with one hand and clutches an oil pot and brush in the other. we'll watch and then the lake is right over there and I'll bath you untill you shine and stop itching and then I'll oil you again

Durpth makes a contented chip and follows quietly.

Aelisa was startled by the feeling of something poking the small of her back. "What-?" she asked, spinning around to see a mischevous looking Vinceth sitting there, her wings outspread. We need to follow the others. the green informed her rider, her mental tone infused with laughter. You need to learn how to do this for me until I can do it for myself. So go learn! With that Vinceth started pushing her rider again, in the direction of the exit to the Feeding Grounds. And you'll oil me down properly when we're done there. I have an itch on my back. "How about I oil you while we learn?" Aelisa said, snagging a pot of oil as the two headed out.

Hodgeth lets out a little burp. i am full, thank you… i itch. the little dragon says. "allright, i'll get you some oil, then we'll watch the demonstration." T'nar says. suiting words to actions he soon leads the oiled dragonet to the feeding grounds.

[End of Lesson one]

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