Weyrling Classes

This is just a rough list. The Weyrling master may adjust or change it as they see fit. Eventually these may become links to more in-depth descriptions of lessons… maybe…

1. Bathing/Feeding/Oiling - good oiling prevents your dragons hide from cracking when it grows. And if it cracks, you could be in trouble when going between. Besides, it hurts your dragons. Carcass cutting- you’re cutting your own carcass apart after the first day…if your squeamish, tell me…

2. Etiquette - the basic etiquette expected of a rider is reviewed and drilled

3. Dragon first aid/dragonhealing

4. Flamethrower/Firestone Lesson one-Learn the parts, care, and maintenance of flamethrowers as well as the physical processes for firestone chewing.

5. Straps and strap maintenance - How to make and maintain riding straps

6. First hunt - your dragon's first time catching their own food.

7. Unmanned flight - your dragon flies for the first time, albeit without you along for the ride. Keep them exercising and you'll be in the skies in no time.

8. Formation Practice - practice wing formations on the ground, riding your dragon like a runner

9. Flamethrower/firestone lesson two-Actual flaming of targets today, only on ground. Ride on dragon’s neck like runner beast.

10. Flying 1- Solo flights, then pair flights. Stretching of wings in all lessons before this…

11. Flying 2 - Flying in Formation

12. Flying with Flamethrowers/firestone - Essentially a mock thread fall with no /betweening/

13. Between training 1 - Go between with individual help from weyrlingmaster.

14. Between training 2 - Betweening in formation

15. Between Fall - Mock threadfall/ducking practice

16. Etiquette Review - yup, it's /that/ important

Schedule of classes for current weyrling classes

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